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Prepare For A Winning Season!


Westwood Cross-Country Camp offers the best cross country pre-season training in the Northeast. Athletes stay in the Berkshires at Camp Winadu, located on the shore of Onota Lake outside of Pittsfield and one mile from the running trails of Pittsfield State Forest.

A typical day starts at 7AM with warm up exercises and a short distance run followed by efficiency drills and striders. The campers then break for breakfast followed thereafter by inter-camp games and a swim period. Lunch is served around 12PM, followed by an early afternoon rest period.


After resting up, the campers set out on the long run of the day over various course designs and trails. These runs are divided by ability and take place throughout the scenic Pittsfield State Forest & various parks within the Pittsfield area. The long run is followed by group sessions with a late afternoon swim period.


A hot dinner is served at 6PM with the day winding down with an appearance by one of our guest speakers in the the camp amphitheater. These speakers are instructed to talk on such topics as race strategies, race preparation, nutrition, specific training tips, along with motivational encouragement. The campers are in their cabins by 10:00 with lights out at 10:30.


If desired, teams will be able to live together for the week, offering a great opportunity to work on team bonding - a critical element for the long season ahead!


Bed linens, blanket, sleeping bag


Running shoes (2 pairs)

Another pair to kick arounds or sandals

Tee shirts to run in and live in at least 12 socks

Running shorts and shorts to live in




Towels (shower + pool)




Rain gear

Shampoo, etc

Positive Mental Attitude 

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Aug 11-16, 2023 at Camp Winadu

Westwood Cross-Country Camp is located on the grounds of Camp Winadu on the shores of beautiful Lake Onota. The camp utilizes an Olympic sized pool for recreation and training. Camp cabins are spacious and clean accommodating up to 18 people. All cabins are self contained with their own showers and bathrooms. Additional shower areas are also available around the campground. The spacious camp dinning area serves three nutritious hot meals per day. Besides swimming, the camp offers recreational space for volleyball, basketball, whiffle ball, and ultimate Frisbee. To see more about the camp, check out our pages about Westwood XC Color Wars and Westwood XC Running Routes.

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